Date : 14-7-2018

  1. View –> Dalal Ledger Menu Option, Sometimes Dalal Monthly Balances is showing incorrect (Problem Solved).
  2.  Sales/Purchase Invoice Menu Option, In case of CASH Party (Non-VAT Dealer), If State is not  local state, Now It initialize the interstate taxtype. (Problem Solved).
  3. Sale/Purchase Invoice Menu Option, If IGST Tax is selected with item and tax amount is not entered then now it will give the warning. (Problem Solved).
  4. Sale Invoice Menu Option, If a Sale Invoice is made for Unregistered Party and JSON file is generated then it gives error in uploading the json file. (Problem solved).
  5. View –> Account Information (Ctrl-F8) Option, Now it display the Party GST Registration Type & GST No.