Date : 18-7-2019

Dear Users,

We are thankful to select SoftTrade-Mandi Software for your working and for your co-operation to improve its efficiency. We also thank for your valuable suggestions. We always try to include the advance features according to your suggestion/requirement. Now we are presenting a new version of it (SoftTrade Mandi 19.2 Release Date : 18 July 2019).

New features of this software are as follows:

  • Gst HSN wise Summary  are now available in VIEW/QUERY  Options.
  • Gst Consolidate-3b with Monthly Breakup Excel Report are now available in VIEW/QUERY –> eReturn Options.


Some Changes is being done also required in GST Annual Returns.

  1. Now when you reconcile GSTR-2 then when you select your downloaded json file then software stores that json file copy in its data directory also. So it will help you to reopen it again.
  2. Some Invoice no is not showing in GSTR-2 reconciliation option. so that problem is being corrected in this version.
  3. When you print GSTR-2 reconciliation detail the Date format of report is not print correctly. Now it is corrected.
  4. In Purchase Invoice/Inward Supply entries, The POS State is showing as same as Dealer/Supplier State. But it should be the Our State. Now it is corrected.
  5. Now if you have entered a URD Dealer journal voucher with TDS detail and you have deposited the tds amount then voucher can not be edited. Now this problem is solved in this version, You can edit those type of vouchers for correction of RCM Vouchers.
  6. In Purchase Lot Statement Report, When you select all lots and go for printing, then some problem may arose. Now this problem is solved.
  7. Now Some clients require a option in printing of trial balance to don’t print the Ledgers which current balances are zero irrespective of transaction existence.
  8. Now you can print trading account and Profit & Loss Account with date range basis.
  9. Now when you import the Account Ledger from One Company to other company, then it does not import the GST Nos. that problem is corrected. Now you can also import GST Nos after importing the Account Ledger also.
  10. Now GST Transcation Register View option also show the transaction of Inward Supply from URD Dealers.