Dear Users,

We are thankful to select SoftTrade-Mandi Software for your working and for your co-operation to improve its efficiency. We also thank for your valuable suggestions. We always try to include the advance features according to your suggestion/requirement. Now we are presenting a new version of it (SoftTrade Mandi 19.2 Release Date : Jun 2019).

New features of this software are as follows:

  • Annual Return GSTR-9 & GSTR-9A (required by GST Registered Users) are now available in VIEW/QUERY –> GST-eReturn Options.
  • Due to problem arises in business, payment collection from customers, Now Sales Billing is available based on Party Payment Condition option defined in Account Ledger Master.  Multiple Options are there eg. Advance Payment, No of bills allowed, Stop Billing if any bill is overdue from credit days allowed, A Credit Limit can be assigned to each Customer seperately.
  • A lot of users are using SMS feature on Receipt entry to send sms to buyers. Now SMS to broker feature is also available for payment receipt from buyers also. Option is available to enable it in System –> System Parameter (1) –> SMS Setting Tab –> SMS to Broker in Receipt entry option.
  • Now You can print Trading Account & Profit and Loss Account on date range basis from Account Reports –> Final Account -> Trading Account & Profit and Loss Menu Option.
  • Some Users are required to enter the SMS Mobile to enter on compulsory basis in Account Ledger Master. To enable this option, Select System –> System Parameter (2) –> System Control Tab.
  • Now the date of Godown Lot and Brand Name can be maintained with Godown Lot Entries. And You can view the date-wise Godown Lot in View/Query –>Godown-wise Stock Menu Option. In bottom of form, Show Godown-Lot wise Stock Option.
  • Now the Same date of Purchase Lot and Brand Name can be maintained with Purchase Lot Entries. And You can view the “Date-wise Purchase Lot” in View/Query –>Item-wise Stock Menu Option. In bottom of form, Show Purchase-Lot wise Stock Option.
  • Now Summary Report of Nakal Book of Sales/Purchase can be print  (means without Item detail of Sales/Purchase and all other entries).  To Print it , Select the Print Summary Report option in parameter of Nakal book report print time.
  • Now you print “Daily Stock Register” (measure in bags/nags),  Daily Stock Register (In Bags/Nags) Option is available in Last Option of Inventory Reports –> Nakal Book Register Form.

** UDAAN Version Changes ** 

Now New changes of UDAAN Working is available in seperate version of Mandi software. That is additional add-on version.

Now Problem of Weight calculation in Sales Invoice based on Nags basis is solved in 19.2 udaan version. For this now you can assign the weight also in Party/Item relation master entry.

Now The “Payment received by udaan” entry is imported from udaan settlement excel file. Now option is available in Voucher Entry with Bank Receipt Voucher type. Now you just select the excel file, softtrade will auto import and adjust also the bill by bill outstanding also.