Welcome to Chal-Chitra, the most advanced software for film-distributors.the most advanced software for film-distributors.After using this software you can have a great deal of control on your business. A businessman wants that there should be less data entry and his business registers and books are maintained properly.

Standard Features
Contract / Booking Slip

Center-wise Business Status

Dispatch & Receipt Note

Movie-wise Business Status (Booked/ Last Run)

F. C. Report

Print Godown Chart

Monthly Producer’s Business Statement

Movie/Center wise Business Register

Movie/Center wise Pending Contracts List

Publicity Register.

Pending Share Bills List
Alerts from S.M.R. parties

Pending Publicity Material

Case Details

Pending Contract Detail

Party/Movie wise Exhibitor’s Dues List

Complete Financial Accounting up to Balance Sheet

Silent Features

The CC automatically maintains your Print Godown Chart. It tells you about your print dispatch date & No. alongwith the Exhibitors name in Print Godown Chart.
This is a big work for distributors to create a monthly business statement and send it to the Producer/Director. It takes a lot of time & there is a great chance of mistake. The CC solves this problem and creates the monthly business statement on its own with accuracy
The CC maintains all status of exhibitors and informs you Exhibitor s A/c Balance, Pending Contract Detail, Dispatch Detail Whose Bills is not generated, Movies which are not run their center etc.
The CC maintains the Actual dues List that shows dues bills as well as the dispatch details (whose bills are not generated).