Date : 12-12-2017

  1. In Inventory Reports –> Nakal Nook –> Nakal Book Sales Menu Option, Now You can Cash, Credit & Both Sales Bill detail Separately by Selecting the Option Include Bill Type.
  2. Now GSTR-4 Return for Composition Parties can be generated.

Date : 5-12-2017

  1. In Entries –> Payment Entry Menu Option, Now You can generate the Entries in Template of Excel Sheet Provided By Bank (For Kotak Bank.)
  2. For Fast Sales Invoice Entry, You can disable the online account posting at the time of billing. After at free time, You can run the Repost Sales Invoice in Accounts option.
  3. In Entries –> Voucher Entry Menu Option, For Bank Payment Voucher, You can print the Bank Name, Bank A/c No., IFSC Code of Party in Voucher Printing. All these Variables are available in Voucher Format of Document Editor.
  4. In View –> GST Returns –> GSTR-1 Template of Compu-Tax, Now Format changed by CompuTax


 Date: 27-10-2017

  1. In Master Data –> Account Ledger Menu Option, Now You can print the GSTIN No. of Ledgers Accounts in Mailing List, Column List etc.

Date: 29-9-2017

  1. In Entries –> Other Sale/Purchase/Credit/Debit Note Option, Now You can make the entry of Credit & Debit Note (Both) for Outward Supply as well as for Inward Supply. A New Option Supply Type is read in Entry of Credit/Debit Note.
  2. In Entries –> Sale Return & Purchase Return Entry, Purchase Lot can be specified for Self Stock Lots.
  3. In Entries –> Sales Invoice, Print Format of document editor format, Now GST Tax Rate can be printed by “ITEM_TAXRATE” Variable using in Item Detail Line.

Date: 28-9-2017

  1. In Entries –> Other Sale/Purchase/Credit/Debit Note Option, Now You can print no of copies simultaneously, Print the Document Type as “Original/Duplicate” by specifying the parameter in given options.

Date: 27-9-2017

  1. Due to Problem: Creation of Multi Expenses A/c for Multi Tax Rate, Now following GST A/c Type is added in A/c Type Master List for Taxable Items to enter W/o Tax Rate.

“Local Inward Supply GST Taxable, Interstate Inward Supply GST Taxable, Local Outward Supply GST Taxable, Interstate Outward Supply GST Taxable” are added in GST A/c Type Master List.

Now you can create a Single Expenses A/c by using this GST A/c Type for in Ledger Master.

Now you can also create multiple tax rate tax-types also by using this GST A/c type for any tax rate items.

Date: 25-9-2017

  1. Now you can print/export in excel the Inward/Outward Supply GST Transaction Register.
  2. Now Other Sales/Purchase/Credit/Debit Note Entries can be adjusted by Outstanding. Outstanding Form is shown after the save button clicked.
  3. In Journal Voucher Entry, Now you can enter the RCM Voucher for Expenses Account created under “Dalali Expenses” A/c Group.
  4. In Menu Option Account Reports –> Final Accounts –> Print A/c Group –> Group Detail ALL (Multi Column) & Group Detail One (Multi Column), Now Report can be exported in excel with proper format.
  5. In View/Query –>GST [EReturns] –> GSTR-3B Option, Now CESS amount is exported in Excel file.
  6. In System –> System Parameter (2) Menu Option, Select VAT/GST Parameter TAB Option, GST Registration Type Parameter is added. You can define the Company/Firm Registration Type here to make the proper handling the GST Transaction in Case of Regular/Composition/Unregistered Dealer.


Date 23-9-2017

  1. Now View/Query Menu, “Consolidated RCM Payable Voucher” Option is removed due to change in GST Taxation. Now a new Option “RCM Invoice Generation” option is added which generates RCM Self Invoice which auto generates the RCM Payable Voucher & Invoice Printing also.
  2. Other Sale/Purchase/Credit/Debit Note Option, Now the Party State Code can be printed in Credit/Debit Note.
  3. In Other Sale/Purchase/Credit/Debit Note Option, If IGST/CGST/SGST Tax A/c is not defined in Tax-type Master, It does not make the posting of Tax Amount in Tax Account. Now if Tax Account is not defined in Tax-type Master, It gives the warning message of Blank Account found in voucher posting at the time of saving the entry.

Date: 21-9-2017

  1. A New Option is added View/Query –> GST Transaction Register (It shows Tax-Rate wise Inward/Outward Taxable Amt, Tax Amt, Invoice Summary. Now you can also include the Less Credit/Debit Note Amount.